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Take charge of your health information online
MyKeyCare is a secure online tool for you to manage your health information in one convenient location.
How can I sign up?
You may request an account at by clicking “Request a new account” and following the instructions.
Is my health information secure and private?
Yes, all MyKeyCare users have a secure username and password. The same patient confidentiality guidelines that apply to professionals or doctors’ offices accessing paper health records also apply to online health records.
What will it cost? Are there special fees?
There is no charge to register or use MyKeyCare.
Can I upload information into MyKeyCare?
Yes, you can enter or upload information to MyKeyCare from a computer or tablet at any time, from anywhere with Internet access. Information entered or uploaded is only available to you or an approved loved one you provide access to.
Can I share access to my MyKeyCare account with a trusted loved one?
Yes, you can grant access to a trusted loved one and can choose how much access they have. Please here for step-by-step instructions.
Will updated health information be added to MyKeyCare?
Selected information from a participating doctor or healthcare professional that has cared for you or from a participating hospital or clinic where you have received care, automatically flows into MyKeyCare. If the hospital or doctor caring for you does not participate, you can simply scan and upload the information to MyKeyCare.
What information is stored in MyKeyCare?
A MyKeyCare record should include information that helps you best manage your health. That information most likely includes:
  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Lab results
  • Ongoing health conditions
How do I get my paper medical records?
To get your medical records, contact your primary care doctor’s office and ask for a copy. Then, scan and upload your records to MyKeyCare.
What if I forget my Username or password?
From the MyKeyCare log-in screen, you can reset your password. You may also contact the MyKeyCare support team for assistance. You can contact support by email at or by phone at (570) 214-9438